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FIMAP is an independent innovative consulting company with proven experience in the field of business mentoring, innovation management, new model start-ups financing, EU proposal writing and public company support.

We are the landmark for start-ups, enterprises and public companies who aim to create value from innovative ideas or realize their projects.

Nowadays, considering the technical, administrative, technological complex framework, the most successful companies need multidisciplinary and dynamic teams to deliver the best possible solutions.

Fimap aims to meet this need by providing professional services based around multiple funding sources, innovation assessment, support in early-stage phases (business angel role) together with lobbying, networking feasibility studies and proposal management activities.

We will assure you to meet the challenges and opportunities in order to valorize your idea (AHA moment).

Our capabilities:

  • multi-purpose and high-profile staff with extensive skills working in an international context;

  • estensive experience in EU funding programmes, Horizon 2020 & more;

  • constant updating of market process and competitive landscape based on early intelligence;

  • advanced knowledge on operation on funding opportunities (UE, national and regional);

  • project management and business knowledge;

  • strategic international contact network;

  • advanced skill needed to support startups to make them successful;

  • experience in guaranteeing strong synergies among European, national, regional funds in order to assure a long-term project development.

We create high value businesses by identifying the right national and international opportunities and combining these with knowledge, capital and expertise.

Amongst our clients we count SMEs, start up, universities, research organizations and public companies.


Innovation can often determine the survival and/or the credibility of a company. We know that this involves a considerable effort to change: understand and analyse the need to operate on established positions is often a difficult obstacle to overcome, but the most dynamic realities show how is necessary to take care to new trends that markets and technology provide.

Our mission is to use correct methods and identify opportunities specifically to ensure that ideas emerge and can be transformed into value for customers.


A start-up by its nature is looking for a repeatable and scalable business model. However, there are several economic and technical obstacles to be faced.

Our work is based on providing a set of skills able to accompany the process of business creation from “early stage”, including seed, up to expansion and growth stage and to turn excellent ideas into winning projects. We are also ready to assist you as business angel if your idea is really disruptive.

Public companies

There are several funding possibilities for local authorities to improve institutional effectiveness, the quality of services for citizens and usefulness of projects for local infrastructure. We want to help the authorities to seize these opportunities, valorizing their commitment, showing effectively their needs and supporting them in the innovation process in order to address societal challenge and realize “smart cities”

We consider these sectors as indicative of a changing world, as well as strategic drivers of innovation processes and development in Italy and in Europe:

  • ICT – Energy – Health – Tourism & Culture – Local Government- Agrifood

The activities of your organization may be eligible for funding and you may not be aware of it.

We can support you:

  • screening the technological innovation level of your project idea;

  • identifying the best funding opportunities to achieve your goals;

  • detecting potential project partners to develop your innovative idea;

  • developing and writing proposal to obtain the funds;

  • managing the project.

We can do all this thanks to our key capabilities:

Knowledge. Our advice on funding opportunities is based on a deep understanding of our customers’ objectives, combined with a broad knowledge of the scenario currently available. At the same time, we speak the language of business, science, technology and of public government;

Creativity. Correlate projects with the standards of the financing schemes requires considerable expertise and creativity. For this reason, Fimap analyze your current and future activities, deepening the knowledge of your strategic goals, in order to select the best opportunities;

Initiative. Through a proactive research of new financing possibilities, we support you in adapting your projects in order to gain the maximum advantage of the available opportunities.

A huge range of funding opportunities exist to develop your project. Seize the day

Our company comes up with the most effective strategies for enterprises to reach their business and for public companies to realize their project.

1. Preliminary analysis and feasibility assessment

Business/Project idea detection.
Innovation level and Feasibility assessment.
Innovation Management.
Technology Screening.
Due Diligence.
Company performance objectives definition.
Grant scouting.
Strategic planning (synergies among EU national and regional funds).

2. Proposal management

Technical/operational assessment of project idea.
Collection of the administrative documentation necessary for the presentation of the proposal.
Collection of technical documents, to be used as a necessary requirement of innovation for the success of the project.
Consortium building.
Business Plan/proposal writing.

3. Assistance and Follow up

Monitoring of the progress of project proposal.
Grant Agreement negotiation assistance.

4. Project management & accountability

Organization and implementation of project activities.
Detection, analysis and correction of critical issues detected.
Periodic reporting; Periodic and final accountability.

5. Furthermore

Study and screening of opportunities offered by Priority Axes of the National and Regional Operational Programmes, new cycle 2014/2020.
Continuos scounting of funding opportunities integrated.
Analyzes concerning matching between direct and indirect funds, with the aim to evaluate any type of opportunity for the customer and cover all the relevant aspects of an innovation project.
Support startup from the Seed Stage until Late Stage, even assuming business angel role.
EuroProject teaching.

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this resources will attract.

It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market, encouraging and funding research projects aimed to scientific, technological, social innovation that will lead a significant impact on European citizenship.

The main characteristics

The 3 “Pillars”

Testo prova tooltips

Compared with Seventh Framework Programme, “Horizon 2020” offers new key elements to contribute to the “Growth” and cope “Societal Challenges”. In particular it ensures:

  • a further simplification through a simple architecture of the program, a single set of rules, less red tape thanks to an easy to use cost reimbursement model, a unique participant portal and less documentation for project proposals;
  • an inclusive approach that will ensure the participation of researchers and innovators from across Europe and beyond;
  • the integration of research and innovation activities, offering a consistent funding, seamless from the idea to the market;
  • more support to innovation and pre-commercial activities, in order to provide direct financial backing;
  • a strong focus on creating business opportunities to address major concerns shared by citizens in Europe and elsewhere;
  • more opportunities for young people and scientists to present their ideas and obtain funding;

In the same time it requires more technical expertise in design and business planning, as well as to enhance the quality, excellence and credibility of each project proposal.

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